GFB Series Swing Drive

  • For the swing drive of the superstructure, e.g., excavators, cranes, forestry machines, ship unloaders
  • For use in all applications where precise positioning is necessary
  • Two- or three-stage planetary gearboxes
  • For attachment of Rexroth fixed motors in space-saving plug-in design
  • Torque output 4000 … 68300 Nm
  • Compact, space-saving 2 or three-stage planetary design
  • Easy mounting, Convenient oil change
  • Integrated multiple parking device
  •  Low-noise operation
  •  High efficiency
  •  Long service life

Parameters of GFB Series Swing Drive

Output Torque Excavator
T2 max
Output Torque Crane
T2 max
Gear Ratio
GFB 9 T2 4,000 7,000 33.4
GFB 17 T2 7,700 12,700 32.5 – 45.7
GFB 24 T2 10,600 17,500 149.1
GFB 26 T3 10,000 16,500 43.9 – 51.5
GFB 36 T3 17,500 28,500 117.6 – 153.6
GFB 50 T2 22,000 38,000 32.3
GFB 50 T2 22,000 38,000 147.4
GFB 80 T3 38,200 68,300 186.4
GFB 84 T2 38,200 68,300 35.1

The gear teeth and bearings are splash lubricated. Aside from periodic oil changes, the drive units are maintenance-free. Oil changes are easy to do. The oil brands recommended in the operating manual shall be exclusively used.
The operating manual also gives the change intervals for the relevant application conditions. The pinion-side antifriction bearing of the output shaft is grease-lubricated for life.

Hydraulic Motors
The gearbox is designed for direct flange attachment of a variable or fixed displacement motor (preferably a hydraulic motor).

Multiple Parking Device
The standard supply scope includes a spring-loaded, hydraulically released multiple parking device arranged on the input side. The multiple parking device is not a service brake.

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We can provide you with the following Excavator spare parts:
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3. Chassis system parts: track roller, carrier roller, track link, track shoe, sprocket, idler, and idler pad, Coil regulator, rubber track and gasket, etc.
4. Cab components: cab assembly, harness, monitor, controller, seat, door, etc.

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