SW Variety Coupling
Sizes selection from L090 to L190
Ordering necessitates picking UPC numbers for two conventional L hubs and a single snap wrap spider with snap ring
The two L and SW Kind couplings, pick hubs in the regular bore and keyway chart (pages JW-11 and JW-12) maximum RPM for SW + Ring is one,750 RPM
LC coupling utilizes a snap wrap spider which has a collar as an alternative of the retaining ring
Jaw In-Shear Coupling
Ordering necessitates picking out item numbers for two standard hubs, 1 In-Shear elastomer and 1 In-Shear ring.

L Style Coupling
Sizes assortment from L035 to L276
Ordering requires deciding on UPC numbers for two typical L hubs and 1 conventional open or sound center elastomer (spider)

H Variety Couplings
The H Type coupling consists of two hubs, two inside sleeves, 1 cushion set and 1 collar with hardware. H Form coupling hubs are supplied with an inside sleeve. For technical assistance, please make contact with Lovejoy Engineering.
Better torque and bore capacity compared to the C-Line series jaw coupling
Elastomeric cushions are radially removable
Cushions available in SXB rubber and Hytrel
RRC Sort Radially Removable Spacer Coupling
RRC Kind couplings range from sizes RRC226to RRC2955.
The RRC Form coupling includes:
two RRC Hub Adapters (incorporates bolts)
one Spacer assembly consisting of:
two RRC Jaw rings
one collar with hardware
one set of SXB (NBR) cushions