The brand new EVP37 and EVP37 stainless steel gearboxes from EP are available with ratios up to 134.82 and 106.38:1 respectively. Both possess an insight power rating of up to 3 HP and an output torque rating of just one 1,770 lb-in.

The EVP37 and EVP37 are available with NEMA C-face electric motor adapters, IEC adapters or as gearmotors. Other choices include seals to provide IP69K security and food grade essential oil. All shafts and hardware are high quality stainless steel as standard.

The shaft-mounted gear devices are available with EPLOC, EP’S small keyless hollow shaft installation program. EPLOC combines interchangeable bronze bushings and a stainless clamping ring for mounting onto numerous sized solid shafts. This eliminates the need for high tolerance machining of the shaft and ensures the reducer could be easily removed also after years of service in the harshest conditions.

Traditional single-worm reducers commonly found on processing equipment are inefficient and wear over time. Helical bevel gears have an infinite life, and are 50% better than one worm gears. The brand new stainless steel acceleration reducers are new externally, but inside you will discover the same high-quality gearing the industry has relied on for decades.

Lyman, SC – EP announces the immediate release of the brand new EVP37 stainless helical gear reducer and EVP37 stainless steel helical bevel equipment reducer. Efficient, long-lifestyle helical and helical bevel gearing means these devices use less energy, operate cooler and last longer than common single-worm gear systems. The material, style and smooth finish indicate high level of resistance to bacteria, chemical substances and procedures common to the food processing industry.

Nothing else business has actually been able to take on our new stainless steel worm reducers.