Cast Iron Forging Detachable Metal Chain with ISO Approved

Drop Cast Chain

The drop cast chain is largely composed of a few fall cast parts that are the pin roll, middle chain ring, and the outer chain sidebar. It can be conveniently assembled and disassembled, entirely by hand CZPT instruments. For occasion, the assembly can be simply finished by passing the outer sidebar by means of the center chain ring, and then rotate the middle chain ring for 90 levels to interact with the pin roll.

When the chain forms into a ring, it can be used as a conveyor chain for hefty hundreds. Our drop forged chain is typically identified on the conveying equipment and suspension gear, in auto, food processing, and steelmaking industries.


CZPT Chain No. Reference pitch P (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (mm) Length of pin L (mm) CZPT length (min/max) (mm) Quantity of pitch within regular duration Sideward bending angle α (°) Width of sidebar h2 (mm) Tensile strength (KN) Bodyweight per meter (kg/m)
British program collection X348 76.six forty seven 3050.five/3095.2 forty nine 27 98
X458 102.four 16 58 30 9 35 187 five.two
468H 102.4 19.5 eighty thirty 9 47.eight 311.7 eleven.5
X678 153.2 22.3 77 3055.1/3082.8 20 7 51.six 318 nine.5
698 153.two 28 ninety five.three 20 7 60 515 seventeen
698H 152.4 39 154 3039.2/3066.6 20 7 seventy two 1078
Metric technique sequence F100X16 100 fifteen.5 seventy seven 2991.three/3018.3 30 9 35 187 4.7
F100X17 a hundred seventeen seventy seven 2991.3/3018.3 30 9 35 187 four
F160X24 160 23.5 ninety six 3190.7/3219.five twenty seven fifty one.six 318 ten.3
British system series X348 seventy six.six 12.7 forty seven 3050.5/3095.2 40 9 27 ninety eight two.7
X458 102.4 16 fifty eight thirty nine 35 187 five.2
468H 102.4 19.5 eighty four.1 3063.1/3090.two thirty 9 47.8 311.7 eleven.five
X678 153.two 22.3 seventy seven 3055.1/3082.eight twenty seven fifty one.6 318 9.five
698 153.two 28 ninety five.three twenty seven sixty 515 17
698H 152.4 39 154 3039.2/3066.six twenty 7 72 1078
Metric system series F100X16 a hundred fifteen.five 77 2991.3/3018.3 thirty 9 35 187
F100X17 one hundred seventeen seventy seven 2991.three/3018.three 30 nine 35 187 4
F160X24 one hundred sixty 23.five ninety six 3190.7/3219.five twenty seven 51.six 318 10.three

For much more than 20 years, we have focused on custom chains.

For far more than 20 a long time, We have completed hundreds of various kinds of industrial chains.

So we have a prosperity of customized chain expertise.

Below are some of the kinds of the chains.

The chain & sprocket package tends to make for a basic but really efficient mix. These parts are an integral element of logistic equipment, substance managing equipment, and other kinds of automated mechanical assemblies. Renowned for sturdiness and dependability, XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.WU can supply potential buyers with fantastic chain transmission options. 
As an skilled Chinese transmission chain company, we offer a extensive range of products which includes the engineering course roller chain, conveyor chain, elevator chain, drop cast chain, welded steel chain, and sprockets. Also CZPT are specialized chains for sugar and palm oil industries. The robust engineering capability of XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.WU has assisted numerous a shopper with the effective design and style of distinctive products. CZPT orders with pre-hooked up drawings and samples can be accommodated. We will formulate corresponding blueprints and await the producing affirmation. Reality-far more than forty% of our yearly production worth can be attributed to custom made products with non-normal requirements. 
Incorporated in 2000, we have given that made significant strides in the enhancement of producing tactics. A total company management system makes it possible for us to effectively recruit new skills even though establishing new sorts of engineering and conveyor chains. Through progressive development, we have emerged as the major designer and manufacturer of nonstandard conveyor chains in mainland China. Our outstanding popularity has allowed us to acquire entry into the Nationwide Chain Transmission CZPTizing Engineering Committee of China.
Included in 2000, we have considering that produced considerable strides in the advancement of producing strategies. A full corporate management program permits us to effectively recruit new abilities even though creating new types of engineering and conveyor chains. Via progressive progression, we have emerged as the major designer and manufacturer of nonstandard conveyor chains in mainland China. Our superb track record has authorized us to obtain entry into the National Chain Transmission CZPTizing Technologies Committee of China.



Cast Iron Forging Detachable Metal Chain with ISO Approved