China Iron Ore Magnetic Separator for Gold

China Iron Ore Magnetic Separator For Gold 

The introduction of magnetic separator
Magnetic separator is utilised for separating resources with distinct magnetic houses. It is commonly employed in mining, lumbering, ceramic, chemistry, food and other industries, appropriate for damp or dry magnetic separation of components with particle dimension below 3mm, this kind of as magnetite pyrrhotite, roasting ore, and ilmenite, but also for deironing of coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other supplies.

Working Principle of Magnetic Separator
Right after ore pulp flows into the trough by way of feeding box, underneath the function of h2o stream, ore particles go into the trough’s feeding zone in loose condition. Underneath the impact of the magnetic field, magnetic ore particles will flocculate into magnetic group or magnetic chain. Influenced by magnetic pressure in the pulp, magnetic team or magnetic chain transfer toward the magnetic pole compelled and thus adsorbed by cylinder. Simply because magnetic pole’s polarity is organized alternately along the rotation direction of the cylinder and stays stationary for the duration of operate, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.e mineral and other non magnetic ores will tumble off from the magnetic group or chain because of to the magnetic mixing phenomenon triggered by magnetic pole exchange when magnetic group or magnetic chain rotates along with the cylinder. Magnetic team or magnetic chain that is absorbed on cylinder floor is ore focus. Ore concentrate rotates along with cylinder to the magnetic edge with the weakest magnetic pressure and discharged in focus slot beneath motion of the flush water. If the all magnetic roller is employed, discharging will be carried out by brush roller. Non-magnetic or weak magnetic minerals will be left in the ore pulp and discharged from trough, which are called tailings.

Attributes of Magnetic Separator
Magnetic separator has rewards of simple construction, large potential, simple procedure and routine maintenance and so on.

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Design Cylinder Capability
D(mm) L (mm)
CTB618 600 1800 eighteen-35 40 two.2 1655
CTB712 750 1200 twelve-thirty 35 3 1682
CTB718 750 1800 twenty-forty five 35 three 1992
CTB918 900 1800 28-sixty 27 4 3162
CTB924 900 2400 38-eighty 27 four 3887
CTB1018 1050 1800 36-seventy two 22 four 3801
CTB1571 1050 2400 fifty two-a hundred 22 5.five 4319
CTB1030 1050 3000 sixty four-a hundred twenty five 22 7.five 4976
CTB1218 1200 1800 55-ninety five 19 7.five 5263
CTB1224 1200 2400 65-one hundred ten 19 seven.5 5927
CTB1230 1200 3000 85-one hundred twenty 19 7.5 6325
CTB1530 1500 3000 95-one hundred sixty sixteen eleven 8665
CTB1540 1500 4000 a hundred and twenty-one hundred ninety sixteen eleven 9871


China Iron Ore Magnetic Separator for Gold