Dixin Machinery Corrugated Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine Tile Making Machine

CZPT CZPT corrugated roof tile roll forming device/tile generating device

1. This equipment consists of our ordeals in 30 a long time and many moments improvements by our engineers.
2. In our service, we assist the equipments and profiles that customers really require and including our most sincere recommends.
three. Our roll forming machines are driven by chain in hydraulic system. Chain Generate System can conserve the energy examine with other method. That also means that customers do not need to shell out the added electrical power payment for the duration of generation of metal panel.

CZPT Food Services Lawn & Garden Shelving
Automotive Fencing Lighting Store Fixture
Display Industry Furniture Material Handling Sporting Goods
Farming HVAC Mining Transportation.etc

Technical specs:

Suitable to process colored steel plate, galvanized board
Valid width 850/1064mm
Rollers 13groups
Rolling material Forging steel 45#
Rolling galvanization thickness .3-.8mm
Material of the cutting blade Cr12mov
Proportions Approx7m*one.8m*1.2m
Electricity 5.5kw
Thickness of the plate .3-.8mm
productivity 10m-15m/min
Diameter of the roller 75mm
Weight About 3.5T
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Processing precision Within 1.00mm
Equipment components Guy-made uncoiler,roll forming machine,
Compture control system
CZPT control system
Press foming cutting
Transportation One complete equipment need one 40 feet container to hold

Device Pictures:


Dixin Machinery Corrugated Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine Tile Making Machine