High Effect and Slow Release Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer

Substantial result and slow release liquid nitrogen fertilizer


Appearance: Environmentally friendly and transparent liquid
Drinking water solubility: Totally
Overall nitrogen:360g/L min
Sluggish release nitrogen:270g/L min
Amid nitrogen:90g/L min


SlocoMax LN360 makes use of unique technology and small molecule chain polymerization method to significantly increase the nitrogen utilization fee. Fertilizer can be entirely absorbed by crops inside 24-48 hrs after foliar spraying. Following absorbed by the leaves, they are stored in plants and introduced little by little for a period of time up to 1-two months.


Quick Absorption it can be saved in leaves and release gradually
Basic safety to crops , do not burn seedlings and leaves Increase the crops utilization of nitrogen In comparison with typical nitrogen fertilizer with lower absorption charge, it has considerably less environmental air pollution Can be combined with most fertilizers and pesticides
Have wetting and unfold capability, large fertilizer utilization


Appearance:Clear and transparent green 

Water solubility: Completely

Total nitrogen: 360g/L min

Slow release nitrogen (MU-N): 270g/L min

Amide nitrogen (Urea-N): 90g/L min

Foliar Application: Diluted 60-300 moments, three-five moments for each growth cycle Flood irrigation/Fall irrigation: 15-thirty L/ha per time, two-4 instances for every development cycle

*Remember to kindly speak to us ,we can advocate the dosage according to your crops and soil circumstance,

5.Bundle and storage
Deal: 1000 L barrel, 200 L barrel
10 L bottle, 2 bottle in a single carton
5 L bottle, four bottle in a single carton
Storage: Sealed properly and store in cool and dry spot.



High Effect and Slow Release Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer