Outdoor Wheelchair Hydraulic Platform Lift

Merchandise Detail
Outdoor wheelchair hydraulic system lift 

Our vertical hydraulic system wheelchair raise consists of a system with higher aspect partitions, an upper landing gate, a system mounted gate, a generate method, and simple-to-use working controls.
The platform walls and the system gate vacation with the platform creating a barrier around the passenger. This wheelchair carry can be installed with small to no internet site modifications.
Its hydraulic system offers travellers easy and comfy transportation and distinct security devices remove every hiding threat.

Platform size 1420x900mm
Min Platform height 80mm
Speed 60mm/s
Lift height 1000 to 10000mm
Power Output .75kw-2.2kw
Power Input 220V/50HZ/25A (or CZPT for local power supply)
Drive System CZPT or Screw type
Operation Panel Stainless steel(Up Down and Emergency Stop)
Working Condition Both indoors and outdoors
Working temperature  From -10°~60°C
Non-pit installation directly fixed to the concrete floor
Control Device Calling box and remote controller
Optional Landing doorway
  the customers’ local Voltage

Safety products for Vertical hydraulic platform wheelchair elevate

   Safety sensor on the platform bottom
    It could make confident the machine stops right away when touching one thing underneath the system, specially there is kids or pet. This could steer clear of several mishaps because of sightless location eyesight.


   The interlocking, electromagnetic lock and guide lock

    The machine would not start off if the interlock is open.

    And the electromagnetic lock would make certain that the enter and exit door would not open up when the equipment up and down.

   The guide lock is a lock by hand soon after receiving on to the lift to protect the basic safety in situation of falling down.

3 kinds of control: post handle, system control, remote handle


Vertical hydraulic platform wheelchair lift will be packed into steel framed veneer case for risk-free shipment.


This raise is exclusively designed to offer handy and secure access for those in wheelchairs, or those who can not use the stairs due to the fact of a bodily disability.

Outdoor Wheelchair Hydraulic Platform Lift