Wheel travel and slewing drive solutions
Boosting mobile planetary gear unit performance
Mobile planetary gear units must provide reliable performance under extremely harsh circumstances. In wheel drives, this means heavy radial loads, shock loads and tilting actions – all in a restricted available space. In slewing machines, coping with the heavy radial loads transmitted to the slewing equipment is the challenge.
Advanced bearing arrangements from Ever-Power are designed for these conditions and even more. Solutions include:
Wheel drives – Ever-Power provides thin-section tapered roller bearings, thin section angular speak to ball bearings, CARB toroidal roller bearings and off-highway hub models (flanged and geared).
Slewing drives – Designed for the output pinion in slewing drives, Ever-Power gives Explorer tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.
Whatever your drive type and operating challenges, Ever-Power can help you meet them. Working together with Ever-Electric power, you can accommodate Planetary Slew Drives increased external load, elevated torque and more compact and lighter plans.the worm planetary gearbox is of horizontally input shaft and vertical output shaft type wall-installed gearbox comprising of three-stage reductions viz. 1 st level of worm gear match and 2 nd, 3 rd stage is designed with planetary
Ever-Electric power industrial, yaw and pitch and portable slew drives are made to operate seamlessly in applications requiring slew bearings or racks, perhaps in a large-capacity winch.
Ever-Power slewing drives are an important component in keeping pounds and size to a minimum on devices such as for example tower cranes, aerial systems, discharge booms, excavation and development equipment.
Their planetary structure allows them to withstand very high torque values while maintaining decreased dimensions, decreased weight and high efficiency. The Dana Ever-Electricity slewing drives are suited to the most severe duties in every environment. The design of the planetary systems optimises torque performance and radial load capacity, so as to give best meshing between pinion and band gear.
For accurate adjustment, a few versions have eccentric installation between the pinion axis and the casing axis. Their wide range of ratios enables selecting engine size and type which finest suits the customer’s.
This broad range of Ever-Power planetary gear units is particularly created for pinion and slewing ring drives. Efficiently utilized on tower cranes, shipboard and harbor cranes, wind generators and as steering travel on ship propulsion systems, they can be used in every applications where appropriate positioning is called for. These Ever-Electricity slewing drives are well suited for the most serious duties in every environment. The design of the planetary systems optimizes torque overall performance and radial load ability, so as to give excellent meshing between pinion and ring gear. For appropriate adjustment, some editions have eccentric installation between your pinion axis and the casing axis. Their broad range of ratios enables the selection of engine size and type which ideal satisfies the customer’s requirements and request.
Technical Data
Maximum Torque 6,000 … 200,000 Nm
Transmission Ratio up to 3,282 iN
Certifications: Certification ISO 9001 Type Authorization Certifications: DNV-GL and ABS
Sectors: Marine Technologies | Heavy Duty Technologies
Ever-Power Gear Systems for Slewing Gears
Technical data
Slewing gear drives are used to put driven equipment. They have been tried and tested in many different applications, such as for example cranes, excavators, and drilling systems. Ever-Power gear products for slewing equipment drives possess a modular design. They could be combined with an extended or short lantern equipment drive on the productivity side. The mounted end result pinions are manufactured based on the customer’s technical specs. On the input aspect, you can expect solutions for both electric motors and high-quickness or low-acceleration hydraulic motors, some of which are already standardized.
One frequently requested choice, particularly as a gear unit for slewing equipment drives in bucket wheel excavators, contains a Ever-Power planetary equipment product with a bevel or perhaps bevel helical gear device on the input aspect. The drive engine and a brake will be organized on a bracket on the gear device, so that the machine no longer must be aligned on web page. A brake is usually always mounted between your motor and the apparatus unit as a way to resolve the boom in a precise position. An overload safeness mechanism can on top of that be provided to protect the boom and the travel against inadmissibly high loads.
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Technical data
Planetary gear unit
Nominal output torques from 22,000 to 354,000 Nm (higher torques available on request)
Transmission ratios from 25 to 4,000
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Compact, space-saving design
Low weight
Low noise level
Variable lantern gear travel lengths acc. to customer’s specification
Modular design creates increased flexibility and multiple mounting options
No need for on-site alignment because of bracket with motor, gear unit, brake, and coupling
Customized solutions for specific projects
Option of eccentric set up to permit the backlash to be adjusted between the pinion and the band gear
Optimized sealing systems prolong the services life
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Drilling platforms
Slew Drives, commonly known as a Slewing Equipment or Slew Bearings, is normally a complete, prepared to install system that contains a ball or roller slewing band bearing, drive educate, and completely enclosed housing. It can be custom-made with hydraulic or electrical motors, brakes, planetary gearboxes, corrosion protection, and many other options.
Ever-Power lower costs by replacing sophisticated in-house systems in equipment that rotate weighty loads and require operation and innovation. Each has an unlimited slewing angle and range, move smoothly and jolt-totally free, no slip-stick effect, and provide the most efficient transmission of high vitality and torque possible. Our Slew Drives are totally enclosed and sealed casing withstands harsh conditions and increases safety.
As a ready-for-installation system module, they replace many individual parts. Slew drives are utilized for aerial platforms, protection technology, public transport, forestry equipment sectors, solar trackers, and more.
Compact style for space-saving constructions
Optimum load capacity in a compact design
Designed for prolonged service life with zero-maintenance
Straightforward integration into existing applications
Fast customization thanks to the modular structure
Special designs deviating from our common series are realizable
Steering devices for specialized automobiles and cranes (while steering gears to get wheelsets)
Manlift systems for slewing booms and baskets Light in weight cranes
Machine attachments, such as concrete demolition pincers, picker arms, and rotary forklifts
Handling equipment (automation technology)
Loading and unloading devices
Positioning devices/turntables which include solar trackers
Ever-Ability slewing drives are an essential component in keeping pounds and size to the very least on products such as for example tower cranes, Pitch and Yaw drives for wind strength, aerial platforms and mixers. Their planetary structure means that they can endure very high torque values while maintaining reduced dimensions, reduced weight and high efficiency. The broad range of available ratios enables selecting a electric motor size and type which very best suits users requirements: hydraulic or electrical. Bevel insight and hydraulic brake are some of the choices, which are for sale to this series. Straightforward mounting, operating dependability and versatility make these units suitable for the most serious duties and environments.
Customizable drive solutions, all from one source
Our durable, powerful and flexible industrial gear unit solutions meet your requirements in all respects – the power rating along with the installation. We provide all the important pieces of a slewing gear drive under one roofing:
Motor and motor scoop
Brake between your motor and gear unit with torque limiter to avoid excessive loads
Protective covers
Primary gear unit (helical or bevel-helical)
Planetary gear product with pinion shaft and extended housing at the output
Output pinion
Slewing equipment drives for any power rating and mounting position
For larger machines, the slewing gear drive can be comprised of various equipment units that impact on the same girth equipment with external or internal teeth. We give the right combo of gear units for every requirement:
Our P series commercial planetary gear products and the X series commercial bevel equipment and bevel-helical gear units are adequate for smaller torques as high as 500 kNm. A blend of XP series industrial planetary gear products and X series professional bevel-helical gear systems provide larger torques as high as 4,000 kNm.
Slewing gear drives are usually shaft-mounted designs. This ensures that the apparatus unit is mounted at the top and the pinion on the bottom. However, our drive answer is also obtainable as a bottom-mounting release or “bottom-up” version – in this case the pinion is positioned on top. The lubrication, oil growth container and the seals will be adapted to the installation position.
This wide range of Ever-Power planetary gear units is specifically made for pinion and slewing ring drives. Effectively used on tower cranes, shipboard and harbor cranes, wind turbines and as steering drive on ship propulsion systems, they works extremely well in every applications where correct positioning is necesary. These Ever-Power slewing drives are suitable for the most serious duties atlanta divorce attorneys environment. The design of the planetary devices optimizes torque effectiveness and radial load ability, in order to give ideal meshing between pinion and band gear. For correct adjustment, some types have eccentric mounting between your pinion axis and the casing axis. Their wide variety of ratios enables selecting engine size and type which very best suits the client?s requirements and request. Ever-Power is proud of its quality assurance coverage, including the Type Acceptance Certificate from DNV.
Slew drive equipment reducers, from 9 kNm to 400 kNm optimum output torque over 10 primary sizes and 3 output reinforced support configurations:
– R: dual pilot flanged
– S: dual pilot compact
– H: single pilot entrance flanged
Modular design, with multi-optional executions