Price of Chicken Cages in Kenya

price of hen cages in kenya

The comprehensive automatic H type layer rooster cage program from Germany includes extended service existence, substantial purposeful reliability, consumer-helpful administration and procedure.

1. Area therapy of cage wire mesh are hot dip galvanized, the thickness of the Zn-coat is about 400um, and the corrosion resistance is 3-four occasions that of usual area treatment.
two. The total door internet is a sliding grille that can be simply opened, generating the roll-in and roll-out of rooster easier and more humanized.
3.The egg buffer device can hinder the egg when it rolls off quickly, so that the eggs  can fall securely on the egg belt, efficiently lowering the egg breaking price.
4. Use the V-formed feed trough to minimize feed squander
five.We choose the minimal carbon wire mesh to make the base internet slowly spring-again following deformation to preserve the great situation of eggs.
The ingesting nipple is created on the edge of the aspect web, and each and every hen can easily attain two ingesting nipples.
seven.Replaceable base net, which boosts the convenience of routine maintenance,make the servicing of the cage program a lot more efficient

AUCZPTTIC EGG Collection Technique

Light egg collection and shipping and delivery
Computerized Egg selection method plays a extremely critical part in effective egg administration

one.Optimize conserve time and labor fees
2.Reduce get in touch with in between individuals and chickens, maximizing reduce the likelihood of cross-an infection
3.Accurately compute the quantity of eggs every single tier/rows/property, and estimate the expense and egg creation in depth.
four.In order to improve farm creation performance and minimize egg breakage, we offer automatic egg lifting system, multi-tier selection system, system travel technique and handbook selection platform.
five.Can attain seamless relationship with egg grading packaging technique
six.The Egg belt are manufactured of polypropylene belt which has a good versatility and adapted egg collecting channel effectively. The tensioning unit and flexible egg blocking program can effectively make sure the risk-free rolling of eggs, reducing the egg breaking charge.

Feed provide program
Strongest chain feeding method, distribute feed evenly and reliably
Winworld Strongest chain feeding method, can falt and integrated supply the feed to every single hen, to make certain the day-to-day feed intake of every chicken, substantial-edge feed trough to help save feed and the feed won’t be thrown out.
Higher efficiency operating
Reduced servicing specifications
long long lasting

Feeding Trolley System
Straightforward composition and simple maintenance
Uniform distribution of feed and large feed provide volume
Cheapest procurement and use fees

Reasonable tools building is the basis for excellent procedure
1. High-precision manufacturing procedure and design and style to ensure that products can operate typically in rooster houses up to 120 meters lengthy
two. Meticulously made bottom adjustment gadget to make sure highest set up and tools operation on uneven floor and corrosion resistance
three. Deepening trough can ensure no waste when ingesting chickens
four. The vast cage door structure ensures versatile and handy operation for chickens
5. The composition of the cage net can make certain that the eggs are efficiently rolled onto the transmission line CZPT damage.

Tiers 3 four five 6 seven 8 Highest 12
Overall Peak( mm) 2200 2850 3500 4800 5450 6100 —–
Vast(mm) 1250 1250 1250 1250 1250 1250 —-
Second ground peak(mm)       2850 3500 3500  

AUCZPTTIC Centre EGG Collection LINE
one. Winworld’s central egg assortment program can be operated effortlessly. In addition, the speed of the conveyor chain can be outlined according to tiers. Therefore to lessen the egg breaking charge.The size of the conveyor chain and the slope can be customerized  according to poultry home condition.
2. When the central egg collection line demands to work outside, we incorporate a protecting cover to the conveyor chain to ensure that the eggs can be safely transported into the egg warehouse.
3. Strong selection capacity, productiveness: 2000 eggs per hour.
4. Eggs can be gathered and transported simultaneously amongst different homes
5. Delicate shell and dust eggs will be  taken off prior to reaching the egg store
6. Lessen egg collision and hurt triggered by longitudinal assortment
7. Suited for all kinds of chicken cages,easily set up and commssioning
eight. Can understand curve conveying and up and down slope conveying

Some Installation Initiatives of Ours

Our factory & workshop


Q1:How many types of layer rooster cage?
A1: We have two sorts,A variety and H type .
A sort have two types,3tiers and 4 tiers.
H type have 6 designs like three tiers,4 tiers,5tiers,6tiers,eight tiers. 
Q2:How much per set cage?
A2:Diverse model,price tag is different.In addition,there are other complement equipments.
Need to have know how many birds you want to rear,then we can give you a certain price tag record
with property dimension.
Q3:How extended is the warrenty?
A3:one calendar year.
This autumn:Who is in demand of install ?
A4:Our business will send out two engineers to your region to information set up
and supply training.

Price of Chicken Cages in Kenya